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Disclaimer: This site is currently in development. The content of this site was selected randomly from various sources available to the world wide web. All data used here is for testing and development purposes ONLY. No one should use this site in its current form to make ANY decisions regarding navigation to location points, business listings, job postings, reservations, good fishing/bird watching spots, or ratings of any business referenced from this site.

There are still many things to finish in regards to data display formats, and page layouts but most of the functionality framework is there. This site aims to provide the latest technology resources for small to medium sized Resort / Travel Destination owners, managers, and their guests while maintaining a simplified user-friendly interface. It's expandable, flexible, re-brandable, themable, and DOES NOT depend on ANY 3rd party API to preform reservation or billing functions. All your visitors stay on YOUR site. They don't get re-directed to a 3rd party service providers website.  Please browse around and try some of the site features. User input is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Features include:

  • Flexible Online Reservation System: It can be configured to rent any type of unit for daily or hourly use. If you have Rooms, Cabins, RV sites, Tent sites, Bikes, Guided Adventures, and Watercraft Rentals you can manage them from one interface. It allows for in-house receptionist or online guest reservation interface with availability updated in realtime. So you don't overbook your available resources. It also supports rate adjustments for off season, or prime season, weekend vs weekday rates, and supports multiple discount configuration options to offer discounts for special offers or special groups. We can even set it up to manage restaurant reservations so online users and in-house staff can select available tables for reservation and the system updates table availability in real time. Keeping in-house staff aware of incoming guests and current table availability.
  • Fully Integrated Mapping and Geolocating Engine: Site content can be associated with geographical location points. Geodata output can be formatted and displayed in various ways relating to the contextual relevancy of the content being viewed, or the users desired functionality. ie, find locations, find restaurants or gas stations near found locations, find bike or hiking trails near location points, get directions to or from location points, tag your favorite fishing spot on a map, get GPS coordinance to your campsite or fishing spot, etc.
  • Flexible Shopping Cart and in-house POS System: Would you like to be able to sell the same products you sell in your store online? Would you like to be able to offer online food orders or room service to your guests? Would you like to be able to keep track of your inventory from online and in-house sales on one system? Would you like your guests to be able to order a T-shirts, a cheese burger W/fries, and reserve their campsite for another week all from their smart phone and have all the relevant departments alerted about the order and inventory instantly updated? Do you have other ideas how to market your products and services that you want to explore? If you answered yes to any of these questions I would love to hear from you. The kitchen only has enough prime rib left for 9 orders, and we are down to only 7 baked potatoes! Let's just update the inventory to make sure the server doesn't over sell the product. Servers could take orders from tablets or other wireless devices and those orders would be instantly received in the kitchen. If an item is out of stock the server will see that it is not available before the order is allowed to be submitted. This allows for better guest relations and more efficient management of time and resources in your restaurant.
  • User Engaging Dynamic Site Content: Studies indicate that web sites designed to engage their users with dynamic site content like User Profiles, Photo and Video Galleries, Blogs, Discussion forums, Polls, Reviews, Comments, etc. rank higher in search engines and have better customer retention and brand awareness. This site is designed to allow your guests and users to be able to interact and create site content. Now we can post photos and videos of our last fishing trip or that amazing canoe adventure right to the site. Then we can share that post on all the social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram for all our friends to see what a great time we had at the resort. Users can submit fishing reports that are made available as site content for others to review. This type of user engaging content platform will expand your brand awareness and generate FREE advertising increasing your ranking on internet search engines while driving more business to your destination. Plus much much more....
  • Job Postings and Recruiting: Site administrators can post available job positions right to the site. Users can create and submit their applications to available jobs for administrative review. Users can also subscribe to be notified if a particular job becomes available. User information is stored by the site creating a communication interface for site administrators and site users.
  • Search Engine Optimization:  This site is pre-configured to deploy multiple search engine optimization modules that will ensure your Brand / Travel Destination stays on top of all search engine ranking pages.
  • Organized Integrated Management FrameworkThe ideas that inspired the development and configuration of this web framework stem from my time spent working in and observing resort management and daily operations. It is intended to add value by streamlining daily operations of resort reservations and general management tasks and procedures.

If I left anything out please let me know,

This site is developed independently by Troy Miller using Drupal framework. For information regarding the development or functionality of this site please contact me using this web site's contact form. If you are interested in being a part of the future development and implementation of this framework, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting.

Best Regards,

Troy Miller